We guarantee you will not cheat!

The features of trustworthy IT Test Taking Services Company:

  • Accept multiple and reliable payment solutions, including the roll-back payment system.
  • Provide the official websites account for checking, such as VUE/Prometric.
  • Provide seperate payment options.
  • No successful cases are shown on their site.
  • Compare with the market price, we want to help about this.

How Can I Trust You

IT Cert Shop is working 16 year in this sector. Over 10000 customer are be certified via IT Cert Shop. Also we providing safe payment channels. You can feel in comfort.

Can you guarantee that my exam result will not be revoked by the certification issuers?

Exactly YES! We doing your exam in so secure conditions. We doing a business and trying to do best our business. If your exam revoke how can we doing this business in next years ? Our clients has never revoked exam.

Why your prices higher than other providers ?

You can’t buy quality to cheap. We are not cheater and trying do best for you. We understand some companies will attract you with a very low service charge. HOWEVER, they are probably cheating you of deposit or you are placed at a very high risk. Their exam procedures are to “crack the exam voucher” and get a FREE exam, so their cost is very low, In this case, it will be found by Prometric or VUE within several months and your exam result will be revoked.

Have you any partner ?

No. itcertshop.com has no partner. Some companies are showing our contents to their victim. We are so sorry for this but can’t prevent this.

Can you provide me any Testimonial Note or successful cases for preview?

Due to privacy policies, we can’t share any result. You can review the client comments on testomonials page.